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clients reviews on our Zo Hydrating cleanser

Really great product! I never write reviews but felt I had to after using this cleanser. I was hesitant to drop this type of money on a cleanser, but after considering my dermatologist recommended it and it comes from a medical spa that is licensed to sell products that are often more effective than those sold at makeup or drugstores I figured I'd try it. I have extremely acne prone skin and didn't know how this would do in treating it, but something happens to my face when I use this!!! My skin appears brighter and my complexion looks more even after I cleanse with this. It's mild enough to take off my makeup ( and I'm a heavy-full-coverage-spider lashes-type makeup girl) but still feel it's working underneath my skin to get rid of my acne and better my skin. Really great product and really recommend it; it's worth every penny (and I don't dish those out easily!)